How Many Urgent Cares Does it Take to Get a Diagnosis (or tips on leaving voicemails about your vagina)

I started leaving voicemails about my vagina in late November 2016. I had a gnarly urinary tract infection a month before. The UTI was classic - it started as a general level of discomfort and evolved into feeling like my pelvis was on fire. Peeing was painful, not peeing was painful, and by the time I made my partner drive me to urgent care, I had blood in my urine. That was the first of 6 urine samples in the next two months.

About the Blog (or why I wanted to write about peeing on the internet)

The short story is this: I didn't want to talk about peeing on the internet. I started writing blog posts about discharge and urine and catheters and wanted to run the other way from all of it, stick my head in the sand and pretend that it wasn't happening. I started searching the internet for things like "how to hide wearing a catheter?" "what do white blood cells in urine look like?" and "constant urinary tract infection symptoms" - and didn't find very many resources for the things I wanted to know about.

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