About the Blog (or why I wanted to write about peeing on the internet)

      The short story is this: I didn’t want to talk about peeing on the internet. I started writing blog posts about discharge and urine and catheters and wanted to run the other way from all of it, stick my head in the sand and pretend that it wasn’t happening. I started searching the internet for things like “how to hide wearing a catheter?” “what do white blood cells in urine look like?” and “constant urinary tract infection symptoms” – and didn’t find very many resources for the things I wanted to know about.
      I feel very lucky that I have a background in science and medicine, because it has helped me wade through what is likely to be real and not real on the internet. In spite of so much that I have been unable to control, I have been able to try things to reduce my symptoms, and those things have been based in science rather than marketing because I understand the biology, and I find that comforting. I decided to talk about my experience on the internet because not everyone has the same background as me, and I would like to empower people to be more involved in their health and their healthcare. Similarly, my work history in medical offices has helped me in understanding insurance benefits and the things I need to know to utilize those services. So even if you’ve never had, or will never have, a urethral diverticulum, a catheter, or an MRI, there are sections of this blog aimed at providing guidance for figuring out medical pricing and managing insurance benefits.
     While I have a blossoming medical background, this blog is not, in any way, intended to provide medical advice. Everybody is different, and I am wholly unqualified to advise or provide medical diagnoses over the internet. What I am qualified to do is share my own experience, and my own thoughts about my experience and treatment, so this is how I’m doing it. I would love to hear from you about your thoughts if you are inclined to share. I can be reached at potentiallyfaultypelvicfloor@gmail.com.

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