1st Anniversary of Potentially Faulty Pelvic Floor (Or how I became a self-selected member of #PelvicMafia)

I had no idea this morning when I logged on to post a (late) entry about how I got interested in pelvic health in the first place that I officially started this blog exactly 1 year ago. In some ways that's frustrating because that means that I'm still searching for answers far longer than I... Continue Reading →


The Importance of Therapeutic Alliance (or how I fired my surgeon and what I learned from that)

Recap: I had a really invasive surgery with a really abysmal recovery and bonus issues to boot and my doctor just told me that none of it had to do with my sketchy vagina bump that was now getting bigger. Internally, I was starting to panic. She continued, "I didn't appreciate at the time that... Continue Reading →

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