The Importance of Therapeutic Alliance (or how I fired my surgeon and what I learned from that)

Recap: I had a really invasive surgery with a really abysmal recovery and bonus issues to boot and my doctor just told me that none of it had to do with my sketchy vagina bump that was now getting bigger. Internally, I was starting to panic. She continued, "I didn't appreciate at the time that... Continue Reading →


The Art of Practicing Medicine (Or how I figured out I still had a sketchy vagina bump)

There is never a great time to have a surgery, or a subsequent catheterization, but as detailed here, it was a particularly crummy time for mine. I had a surgery, a 7 day check up, a 17 day checkup, a 30 day check up when the catheter finally came out, and on day 35 I... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Patient Values (Or how TLC should make a show about what to wear to hide a catheter)

The idea that I am going to be unable to control my urination and so I'll be peeing into and then have to carry a bag of my own pee on my leg is pretty distressing to me. I know, intellectually, that things are going to be okay. Here's the good news: I spend most of my life sitting in a room with 34 people who are kind, compassionate people training to work in the medical field. I can spend the time I have a catheter sitting/ attempting to minimize discomfort and irritation, surrounded by people who support me and won't be skeeved out by my bag of pee. I have a very supportive partner who is going to pick up the slack created by my recovery period. I am relatively confident that he will still be attracted to me, although exactly what that looks like is still TBD. I'm also lucky because my mom is going to come down and take care of me the first weekend of my recovery, and that means mom's home cooking - if that's not good news I don't know what is. So what am I struggling so much with?

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